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    People deserve the opportunity to fully experience life.

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Adolescent Day Treatment

Success is only permanent when it comes from within. We employ a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach designed to enhance the motivation to change.

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Adolescent Day Treatement

Family Therapy

Confidence in the strength of a family group breeds success in each of its members. Healthy communication is the foundation of our lifestyle skills.

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Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Understanding each person’s own needs, strengths and goals enable them to champion their own success. Individual therapy is offered both in home and in each of our clinic locations.

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Individual Therapy

Services in the Twin Cities Metro Area Include:

-          Adolescent Day Treatment Program

–          Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)Behavior Services

–          Diagnostic Assessments

–          Drug Testing

–          Individual Therapy

–          Marriage & Family Therapy

–          Couples Counseling

–          Parenting Skills Program

–          Children’s Therapeutic Support Services (CTSS)

–          Independent Living Skills (ILS)

–          Brain Injury/Behavior Services (BS)

–          Co-parenting Counseling

–          Outpatient Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

–          Outpatient Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment

–          Dual Diagnosis Treatment

*Consulting Psychiatrist available*

Most insurance plans accepted