Our Therapists

Tristann Carter

Tristann Carter, MSW, LGSW

Tristann is an Assessment and Referral Supervisor, and an In-Clinic Psychotherapist at our Burnsville and Roseville locations. She obtained her degrees at Minnesota State University—Mankato. Tristann’s therapeutic interventions typically involve cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy,
mindfulness-based practices, and interpersonal processing. She utilizes a strengths-based approach as well as motivational interviewing in therapy. Tristann specializes in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. She believes in tailoring her therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs of the clients with whom she works with. She has a passion for helping young people strengthen self-esteem and identity.

Alicia Chesney, MA, BCC, LADCAlicia Chesney, MA, BCC, LADC

Alicia is an LADC Supervisor, In-Clinic Psychotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor in our Roseville location.  She obtained her MA degree and BCC and LADC licenses after attending Pepperdine University & Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies.  Alicia practices client-centered therapy.  This approach is focused on you, the client, helping you to fulfill your potential and become the best person you can be.  She says “you will be free to be your true self with nothing but acceptance”.  Alicia spends each session working to help you accomplish your goals.


Annette Clarke, BA, Day Treatment Supervisor

Annette is the Adolescent Day Treatment Supervisor at our Roseville location. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in psychology and is completing a Master’s Degree at St. Mary’s University in Counseling and Psychological Services. Annette has 25 years of experience in the mental health field working with a diverse population of clients. She is passionate about empowering clients as well as staff.

As an undergraduate student, Annette was a Volunteer Crisis Intervention Counselor for 2 years, providing crisis counseling, supportive listening and information and referral services. At this time, she also worked as the Assistant Director at a group foster home for adolescents. Here, she planned and facilitated small groups and one to one counseling with adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. Annette also supervised staff in this setting. In the transition of completing her BA, she worked as a Program Counselor providing active treatment for developmentally disabled children and young adults.

After receiving her BA, Annette accepted a position at a residential treatment shelter. She initially worked as a child care worker, was promoted to a supervisor position, and eventually held the position of Program Director. She provided individual and group therapy to adolescents, facilitated family sessions, developed treatment plans for clients, and trained and supervised childcare workers and supervisors.

In 2010, Annette accepted a position at Options Residential working with adults who had diagnoses of brain injuries, mental illness, and substance abuse. In this setting, she held positions of Program Coordinator, Treatment Supervisor, and Program Supervisor. She transitioned to Options Family & Behavior Services in 2013 to her current position. Throughout her career, Annette has continued to increase her knowledge and clinical skills to best serve clients. She truly enjoys working with adolescents and assisting them in overcoming barriers and gaining skills and confidence to enable them to fully experience life.


Jamie Cox, LICSW, Day Treatment Supervisor

Jamie has 14 years of experience working and learning in a variety of settings. His career to date has provided him with the skills needed to be a key resource and subject matter expert for the clients and teams he currently supports. This experience has been gained by working in areas such as Residential Treatment, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Court Intake, Community Crisis Intervention and Child and Adolescent Day Treatment.

While completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Jamie worked as an intern in the CPS/Juvenile Court Intake Department at Walworth County Human Services in Wisconsin. Here he was able to hone his quick assessment and crisis intervention skills to serve children and families in a variety of situations.

Shortly after graduating from UW-Whitewater with a BSW, Jamie accepted a position at St. Charles Youth and Family Services as a Mental Health Practitioner in their Child and Adolescent Day Treatment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He provided group therapy to clients with severe mental health disorders and behavioral health issues. Over the next three years, his skills of crisis intervention and de-escalation excelled, as did his clinical knowledge. Jamie also decided to continue his education and he enrolled in the MSW program at UW-Milwaukee.

After completing the MSW program with honors, Jamie worked as a Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Therapist. Through this experience, he has had the opportunity to strengthen and specialize his clinical skills, including assessment, treatment planning, intervention, and outcome evaluation, while working with clients in high acuity suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, chemical abuse, self-harm, suicidal ideation and trauma history.

Jamie also had the unique opportunity to join a learning collaborative, working closely as a group for over a year learning and practicing Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Given that the majority of clients he has worked with have been subjected to varying levels of trauma, this specialized training has proven to be quite valuable in providing the high standard of care he expects as a Therapist, the teams that he leads, and of the agencies he supports; not only to the patient individually but to the family unit in its entirety.

Brian EidanBrian Eiden, MA, LAMFT

Brian is an In-Home Psychotherapist and works out of our Burnsville location. He attended St. Mary’s University of Minnesota where he obtained his MA degree. Brian is influenced by a narrative approach in therapy. He believes people have a type of relationship with their diagnosis. They work with others as well as Brian as they walk down the path of life and explore meanings they assign to events. He looks to experience when the problem was not “in control” of their life.


Bain Kail, MA

Bain Kail, MA

Bain is a Day Treatment Mental Health Practitioner at our Burnsville location.  He received his MA degree at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.  Bain believes in a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy and positive psychology.  He believes that the therapeutic relationship, trust, and psychoeducation are very important to a clients’ success.  Bain incorporates his energy and humor into treatment in order to keep the atmosphere interesting while still hitting on the deeper issues.

Christine Kerno, Director of Services

Christine Kerno, LICSW, Director of Services

Christine has been in clinical social work for 25 years.  After graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Boston University her early years were spent in children’s mental health where she served as a school social worker, psychotherapist, and coordinator of programs for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.  In 1999, after moving to Minnesota from Massachusetts, Christine was appointed the Director of the Deer View Day Treatment School in Goodhue County.  During this time she also earned her Education Specialist degree in K-12 School administration as a Special Education Director and K-12 Principal.  In 2006, Christine also served as the Director of the Face to Face Charter School for at-risk youth in East St Paul.

Turning her focus to adult mental health, sexual health and chemical dependency, Christine spent many years at the Minnesota AIDS Project as Lead Case Manager, Manager of Chemical Health for HIV positive individuals, Manager of Risk Reduction HIV prevention services and as Clinical Supervisor for counseling and outreach staff.  Specializing in mental health, sexual health, and chemical dependency Christine has a special interest and expertise working with the LGBTQ community (including transition care for transgender clients), HIV positive or high risk individuals, persons impacted by trauma and discrimination, and underserved populations including Intravenous drug users.

Jorgen Knutson, MA

Jorgen Knutson, MA

Jorgen is a Day Treatment Therapist in our Roseville office.  She received her MA degree at Argosy University.  Jorgen comes from a strength-based approach; that clients are the experts of their own lives and it is her job to find the strengths within each and every individual and family so that they can become successful and healthy.

Erich Levinson, MSW, LGSW, BCC, LADC

Erich Levinson, MSW, LGSW, BCC, LADC

Erich tends to use an “eclectic style of therapy” using CBT, DBT, Relapse Prevention and anything new that has been brought into the mental health and chemical health field at this time.  He begins with the goals of the client and works with them to achieve those goals, especially the ones that are attractive to them.

Kay Manahan

Kay Manahan, MA, LAMFT

Kay is both an In-Clinic Psychotherapist as well as an In-Home Psychotherapist at our Burnsville and Roseville locations. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She obtained her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University. Kay has an eclectic approach to family therapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy and systemic therapy. She uses a utilization of experiential techniques to foster a strong therapeutic relationship with clients and their family. Kay has experience working with children, adolescents, individuals and families. She has worked in different environments including group/residential homes, in the clients home and in-clinic settings.

Brian Sammon MA, LMFT, LADC - Options Family & Behavior Services

Brian Sammon MA, LMFT, LADC

Brian is a strong believer that alternatives to traditional treatment are needed and that therapeutic programs should follow evidence based practices. Brian has years of experience in adolescent and adult substance abuse programs and a significant history of working with both adults and adolescents with mental health concerns.  “Giving a person a fish saves them for a day. Teaching them how to fish allows them to save themselves.”

Andrew Nordstrom, BA

Andrew Nordstrom, BA

Andrew Nordstrom is a Behavior Tech at our Burnsville location.  He attended the University of Wisconsin, and Indiana University to obtain his BA degree.  Andy offers his best critical thinking, understanding, compassion and the most up-to-date scientific findings and theoretical knowledge to help each client work toward their goals.  Andy has been working with adolescents for ten years.  Seven of those years, he was a YMCA camp counselor, and the other three were spent working in residential and day treatment centers.

Erica North, MA

Erica North, MA, LPCC

Erica North is a Day Treatment Therapist at our Burnsville location.  She attended St. Mary’s University where she received her MA degree.  Erica has an eclectic approach when working with adolescents and families.  She often gravitates towards using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solution-focused techniques, and she also likes to use a strengths-based approach as well as motivational interviewing in her therapy.  She uses a person-centered approach as it is important for her clients to feel like they are directing their recovery.  Erica has been working with adolescents and families for five years in the mental health field.  Many of her clients say that she has a loud and funny laugh, and they often comment that she has a weird sense of humor.  She encourages her clients by informing them that “we are our own agents of change, however, sometimes we need a little guidance.”

Roxanne Prince, MA, LPC, LADC

Roxanne Prince, MA, LPCC, LADC

Roxanne Prince is a Psychotherapy Services Supervisor at our Roseville and Burnsville locations.   She attended Argosy University where she received her MA degree and she is licensed as LPC and LADC in Minnesota.  Roxanne combines solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and person-centered therapy to help clients develop practical skills to address immediate concerns as well as providing the opportunity to explore the deeper, underlying issues that affect our day-to-day lives.  Roxanne has experience working with adults and adolescents in individual therapy, group counseling and family therapy to address challenges related to substance use and/or mental health.  She has worked with the dual diagnosis (substance abuse and mental health) day treatment program at Options Family & Behavior Services and also has experience at a dual diagnosis residential treatment center with LGBT adults.

Denise Rodiles, MA

Denise Rodiles, MA

Denise is a Day Treatment Mental Health Practitioner in our Roseville location.  She attended St. Mary’s University of Minnesota to obtain her MA degree.  Denise believes in the importance of helping clients become aware of what is going well in their lives, and helping them figure out how to do more of those things.  She partners with her clients to help them focus on their strengths as tools for helping them get through their problems and developing their own solutions.  She believes that therapy can also be fun, so she incorporates activities, social experiences, and humor into day treatment sessions.  Denise has a background in theater and vocal performance, and she enjoys incorporating expressive art into the day treatment setting.

Sam Tosteson

Sam Tosteson, MA, LMFT

Sam is a Psychotherapist Consultant at our Burnsville location. He attended St. Mary’s University of Minnesota where he received his MA and LAMFT licenses. Sam works with clients to examine how their beliefs about themselves and others can both empower and limit their ability to “live their best life”. He helps to provide perspective and a space to explore different ways of seeing a challenge so there is a realistic hope that change is possible. He is passionate about helping people to experience connectedness in a healthy way. Sam enjoys spending time in nature, drawing, painting and being a science fiction/fantasy geek.

Lisa Trinh

Lisa Trinh, MA

Lisa is an In-Home Psychotherapist and works out of our Burnsville location.  She attended Argosy University and Gustavus Adolphus where she obtained her MA degree.  Lisa takes an eclectic approach to therapy, including narrative, CBT and solution-focused techniques.  She strives to be client-centered and helps clients reframe their story and reach their goals.