How To Find Adolescent Day Treatments In St. Paul

Published on January 24th, 2017

Mental health issues often develop in adolescence, leaving some families in need of early intervention and therapy. In severe cases, admittance into a twenty-four hour a day facility is needed, but for the most part, day programs are the preferred course of treatment for many mental health challenges facing teenagers today. A well-developed and well-executed […]

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Minnesota

Published on December 22nd, 2016

The use and abuse of substances such as alcohol and drugs should not be underestimated in their potential for damage. Individuals who engage in substance abuse behaviors risk affecting their physical and emotional health in addition to damaging the people, relationships, and opportunities around them. That is why it is so important to seek substance […]

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Mental Health And Your Life

Published on November 29th, 2016

Your mental health is more than what is going on inside your brain. It affects almost every aspect of your life. That is why it is so important to take care of yourself mentally so that you can thrive in every part of your life. Options Family & Behavior Services offers adult mental health services […]

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Types of Services Offered At Options

Published on October 19th, 2016

Here at Options Family and Behavior Services, we strive to treat those with mental illness and/or chemical dependency. Additionally, we are able to help the loved ones of those suffering from these illnesses through parent programs, support groups, and more. We provide adolescent day treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, family therapy in St Paul and the […]

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How Parents Can Help Teens Overcome Substance Abuse

Published on September 12th, 2016

There are many reasons as to why teens venture into the dangerous world of drugs. For some, it’s a desperate need to fit in, a self-esteem booster, or a way to feel less bored. For others, it’s an attention grabber, an illegal activity high, or simply what they think they are supposed to do in […]

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