Adolescent Day Treatment, MN

Success is only permanent when it comes from within. We employ a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach designed to enhance the motivation to change.

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Adolescent Day Treatement Burnsville & Roseville

Family Therapy, MN

Confidence in the strength of a family group breeds success in each of its members. Healthy communication is the foundation of our lifestyle skills.

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Family Therapy Burnsville & Roseville

Individual Therapy, MN

Understanding each person’s own needs, strengths and goals enable them to champion their own success. Individual therapy is offered both in home and in each of our clinic locations.

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Individual Therapy St Paul, MN

Services in the Twin Cities Metro Area Include:

Mental Health Treatment In St. Paul, Minneapolis, Burnsville, Minnesota

When you turn to Options Family & Behavior Services, you will find a variety of treatment options designed to address a number of issues, including adolescent day treatment, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, children’s therapy, and family therapy. We take great pride in offering both in-home and in-clinic therapy, giving our patients the quality services they need to restore their mental health and rebalance their lives. We provide these services to patients throughout St. Paul, Minneapolis and Burnsville, Minnesota.

We believe everyone can benefit from mental health treatments and deserves the chance to restore balance to their lives. We treat every patient with the compassion and respect they deserve, regardless of their mental state.

Teenager’s Therapy

At Options Family, we have taken a special interest in treating children and adolescents with a variety of mental health treatment options, including adolescent day treatments, adolescent therapy, family therapy and more. We believe our patients get the best results when we involve them in the treatment process, as well as bring in friends and family members who are willing to help. We apply this patient-centric approach to treatment with both our teenager’s therapy and our adult mental health services, giving everyone the same advantages.

Family Therapy

Our staff understands the importance of involving as many people as possible in the treatment process to ensure the best results. Every patient has friends and family members who care about them and want to help. Our family therapy services are designed to provide the best possible solutions for a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues our patients are experiencing, helping them achieve a better quality of life. Getting everyone on the same page will ensure patients have the support they need to continue making forward progress.

Adult Mental Health Services

Once you admit yourself into day treatment, you will go through the outpatient services you need so you can return home every evening, while getting the care you need. With our family therapy options, we will bring in the entire family and even close friends so they can learn how to help the individual overcome their mental health challenges, whether it’s chemical dependency, a brain injury or simple genetics that have caused the mental health issues.

Adolescent Therapy

Going through the teenage years can be difficult enough, but when you factor in the potential for mental illness, it can be even more complex. At our treatment facility, we specialize in adolescent treatment, providing young people with the guidance they need to give them a positive start in their adult lives. Whether you need children’s therapy for your young ones, teenager’s therapy for your teen, or family therapy for everyone, Options Family and Behavior Services is here to help.

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