About Us

We offer a wide range of services and intensity that are based on the needs of each individual that we serve.

Mission Statement

Adult Mental Health Services MinneapolisOptions Family & Behavior Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing a person-centered therapeutic rehabilitation journey to all individuals and their families with mental illness, chemical dependency and/or brain injuries.

Vision Statement

We believe that all people have the ability to make changes and guide their lives to mental and physical health.

Core Values

  • We provide service with integrity, passion & commitment
  • People get better when they are an active partner in their own recovery
  • Our Employees are the key to our success
  • We provide solution-focused customized services
  • We provide exceptional customer service


People deserve the opportunity to fully experience life.

Our History

Incorporated in May of 1998 as Community Drug & Alcohol Services (CDAS), we began as a way of responding to the chemical health needs of youth in our community and was the first adolescent cognitive behavioral treatment program in Minnesota. As we grew and began to offer additional services, we changed our name and became Options Family & Behavior Services.

The founder and program administrator Brian P. Sammon, is a strong believer that alternatives to traditional treatment were needed and that all programs should follow evidence based practices. Brian P. Sammon has years of experience in adolescent and adult chemical dependency programs and a significant history of working with adults and adolescents with mental problems.

Options Family & Behavior Services came about as a response that a chemical dependency program would also serve mental health and neurological issues. The services we offer now include: Adolescent Chemical Dependency Services, Home Based Mental Health, Clinic Based Mental Health, Dual Disorder Treatment, Behavior Analyst Services and Independent Living Skills.

Options Family & Behavior Services Staff