Why Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment Program uses trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment to adolescents ages 12-19 who have mental health or substance use disorder concerns, or a combination of both.

  • Day Treatment is Monday-Friday for an average of 6-9 months; however, program length will vary depending on the client’s progress
  • We provide individualized services with ongoing professional assessments and individual treatment meetings.

  • Bi-monthly treatment update meetings are an integral part of the program.

  • Day Treatment is currently being offered in-person.

Our Day Treatment Program employs a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach designed to enhance the adolescent’s motivation to change. The practitioners, parents, and community professionals work together to support clients in:

  • Understanding their diagnosis
  • Developing and using new coping skills
  • Understanding their family dynamics
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Increasing motivation for recovery
  • Abstinence from mood altering chemicals

We specialize in identifying the individualized mental health and/or substance use disorder needs of the adolescent and their family. Therapists will work in cooperation with the family to develop the support necessary to increase healthy relational skills and decrease mental health symptoms and substance abuse. Options Family & Behavior Services is truly focused on family; it’s not just in our name. It’s our mission.

Sobriety- Inspired Program

We will work with clients to gain skills that will allow them to maintain sobriety. Supervised drug testing is provided weekly. We understand that being sober can be difficult and if an individual is struggling with sobriety we will help develop an individualized relapse prevention plan. This individualized plan can be modified in order to support the client. Young persons are closely monitored by staff when in our facilities.


During the school year, clients participate in 2.5 hours of school and will earn credits that can be transferred to the client’s home school.

There is a fully licensed teacher onsite offering Math, English, Science, and History. There is also access to online educational opportunities. Some therapy hours may count as electives depending on the individual’s home school.

Parenting with Parents Program

The Partnering with Parents Program is designed to empower parents and guardians who are striving to provide care for their adolescents with unique needs associated with their chemical and/or mental health. The program meets two evenings per week for four consecutive weeks for parents. If your adolescent isn’t actively enrolled in Day Treatment, you are still welcome to attend the program.

Who is a Good Fit for Adolescent Day Treatment?

How do I know if my adolescent meets the criteria for this program?

Call 952-564-3000 for more information or to schedule an assessment with our mental health staff.

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