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Adolescent Evening Outpatient Program

This licensed chemical dependency treatment program is designed to teach adolescents ages 12-18 chemical health recovery skills. The group curriculum is trauma-informed and includes elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing with a focus on helping the client identify strategies and goals to remain sober from chemicals.

Phases of Treatment:

*Phase One includes two hours of group, two times weekly, as well as once weekly individual counseling for a minimum of 12 weeks.

*Phase Two includes two hours of group, once weekly, as well as once weekly individual counseling for a minimum of 8 additional weeks.

Sobriety Based Program

Clients are required to maintain sobriety throughout the program. Supervised drug testing is done randomly during the evening portion. We understand that being sober is difficult and if an individual is struggling with sobriety we will help develop an individualized relapse prevention plan. We discourage discussion and behaviors that glorify chemical use and adolescents are closely monitored at all times by qualified staff.

Evening Outpatient is geared towards those who exhibit:

*Persistent substance use

*High-Risk Impulsive behaviors

*Initiation of or persistent chemical use

*Poor problem-solving skills

*Poor social skills

Evening Outpatient is designed to teach chemical health recovery skills, emotional regulation, coping skills and moral reasoning, including:

*Substance Use education

*Identifying triggers & dues for substance use

*Relapse prevention

*Increase pro-social recreational activities

*Planning skills


*Use of self-evaluation

*Heightened moral reasoning

*Emotional awareness and understanding

Parental Involvement

Monthly treatment update meetings will be scheduled with the parents/guardians of the adolescent in our Evening

Outpatient Program. The Parenting Skills Program is also available to the parents/guardians.

Parenting Skills Program

The Parenting Skills Program is designed to empower parents and guardians who are struggling with adolescents that have challenging behaviors associated with their chemical and/or mental health. The program meets two evenings per week for four consecutive weeks for parents. If your adolescent isn’t actively enrolled in our Evening Outpatient Program, you are still welcome to attend the program.


Common referrals come from parents, schools, families, therapists, probation, and diversion programs. If you are interested in finding out more about this program or scheduling an assessment, please contact our Intake Department at 952-564-3000. All clients referred to the program must first attend a chemical health assessment with a counselor to determine the appropriate program fit.

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Client Testimonials

Options Family & Behavior Services backs their mission to improve lives in all that they do. It's comforting to sink into their atmosphere of positivity and helpfulness. Options practitioners are friendly, knowledgeable and motivate change.

- M.H. Minnesota

I wasn't sure about calling and I'm not so sure I was even serious about trying to get help. For the first time in my life I was pleasantly surprised! The staff at Options did not let me fail and I am SO thankful and SO happy they were committed to my success even though at first I wasn't!

- Josh H. Minnesota

Options makes me have motivation to stay sober I haven't smoked or drank in 20 days :D I'd recommend this to people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues.

- Caitlyn D. Minnesota
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