Think back to your childhood and teenage years; chances are high that you went through some ups and downs. Throw in a global pandemic and platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and it’s no wonder that teens are seeking mental health services more frequently.

On the bright side, mental illness and mental health treatment in Minneapolis is becoming less taboo to talk about. Teens and their families can benefit from a teen therapy center and a dedicated care team that only wants the best for them, which is exactly what we offer at Options Family and Behavior Services.

In addition to professional help, here are some ways to promote positive mental health habits with your teenage son or daughter.

Be Open and Honest

Avoiding difficult conversations with your children or teens will only result in further problems down the road. It can be difficult to wrap your head around having mature conversations with your child about real-world problems, but having an open line of communication can help your child feel more comfortable communicating with you.

As important as it is to talk to your child, you should also be a great listener. Allow them to talk through circumstances on their own instead of jumping in to save the day every time.

Spend More Time Together

The pandemic has made many families re-prioritize how they spend their time. Make a conscious effort to spend more time with your teenager. And no, spending time in the same room while you’re both on your phone or doing separate activities doesn’t count!

Find an activity that fits your schedules and allows you to participate in a bonding experience. Going for a walk, grabbing dinner at your favorite local restaurant, or spending the afternoon participating in an activity your son or daughter genuinely enjoys can help them feel seen and validated.

Open Up About Your Own Mental Health

In the case that you’ve had your own struggles with mental health or substance abuse, consider opening up to your child about your past experiences. While it’s good to be a sounding board for your child about their struggles, you don’t have to be rock-solid 100 percent of the time.

Understand Teenage Behavior vs. The Need for Help

This is a tricky one, as teens are notorious for sleeping in, sassy comments, and frustrating habits. But this doesn’t mean they require professional help. Teenage years are hard no matter what. Be sure to be mindful of any major red flags or consistent patterns that give you pause.

Contact Our Team for Additonal Help

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