For many people, the first thing they think about in the morning is the cup of coffee they are going to have. Did you know that caffeine is the most addicting drug in the world? While many people have this addiction under control, there are some people who suffer from anxiety, and this anxiety is only exacerbated by drinking too much caffeine. As providers of mental health treatment in Minnesota, we are accustomed to the effect that too much caffeine can have on our bodies.

Caffeine is a Stimulant

For people who don’t have anxiety, caffeine alone is strong enough to send them into a state of jitters. Think of it this way: when you have too much caffeine and you also have anxiety, your body interprets it as if it is a frightening event. You may feel like your chest tightens and you cannot focus because your heart is racing. Caffeine can increase your heart rate, your blood pressure and your levels of stress hormones.

Fight or Flight Response

When you drink too much caffeine, it triggers your fight or flight response to kick in. As you can imagine, this makes your anxiety even worse and it can trigger an anxiety attack. Because you have so much adrenaline running through your body, this also leads to situations like feely moody or being unable to sleep.

It Doesn’t Mix Well

Because coffee is such a standard in many people’s routines, they don’t think anything of it when they start a new medication. It can increase the number of side effects is asthma medications, antidepressants, and some antibiotics.

If you are still hooked on coffee, try to swap it out for a milder form of caffeine, such as green tea. If you need further mental health treatment in Minnesota, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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