Your child is changing every day. From their first steps to their first day at school, it’s all been relatively blissful. Once they become older, however, there will be ups and downs. For parents who are dealing with the mounting problems that mental illness or substance abuse can impose on their child and family, those blissful memories may seem to be all too distant memories. If your child is struggling with behavioral instability, depression, anxiety, or substance abuse, therapy may be a measure you may want to consider. Children’s therapy in Minnesota offers day treatment for adolescents who are in need of skilled therapists and substance abuse counselors.

Adolescent Day Treatment

Treatment for your son or daughter at an adolescent day treatment program should include small class sizes, supportive peers, transportation assistance, on-site psychiatric consultation, and medical evaluation, as well as an accompanying parenting skills program to assist you with helping your child through this difficult time. Beyond the initial steps of getting the treatment needed to overcome drug dependency, your child will be given a unique program to suit his or her needs. Daily check-ins will be performed to ensure goals are being met, staff knowledgeable in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment will be available, and a motivational interviewing staff will work with your child in order to help your child better understand the decisions he or she is making and why. This process is especially important to understanding and coming to terms with substance abuse and realizing its effects on the patient and patient’s family.

After Day Treatment

As wonderful as it would be to see every adolescent whom goes into a substance abuse program never return, there is a possibility for relapse. Many facilities provide crisis prevention planning during day treatments as well as programs for adolescents struggling with relapse in order to help lower the chance of relapse.

Mental Illness & Psychiatric Disorders

A child struggling with a mental illness or psychiatric disorder can be disruptive at home and in the classroom. For this reason, a child who is displaying symptoms of a mental illness can be difficult for teachers and parents to cope with. The skills and tools one would use with another child or student may not work with a child with a mental health issue. Finding a facility that specializes in children’s therapy in Minnesota that can offer your son or daughter a structured environment where he or she can learn in a positive social skills environment for persons struggling at home or in the classroom may be the step necessary to helping your child move forward. With every day comes a new challenge, but with every challenge comes a new opportunity for understanding, learning, and strengthening our love for our children.


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