With the holidays such a positive and happy time for most people, those who suffer from a mental illness might feel even sadder and more isolated during this time of year. There are many factors that could contribute to this overwhelming feeling of sadness, such as stress, fatigue, financial stress, unrealistic expectations, seeing family you haven’t seen in some time, or the inability to thrive in social situations as some others can. Keep these tips in mind from our team at our adolescent therapy center in Minnesota to help make this holiday season positive.


Make a list of your priorities for the holiday season. Even if the list is small, it can help keep you on track of things that you want to accomplish. For example, one goal could be to participate in one holiday activity with your family or talk to one family member you haven’t chatted with recently. This exercise can help make the holidays seem more manageable and reduce your feeling of failure as the holiday season goes on.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

If you are of the legal drinking age, it can be tempting to overindulge during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this can often cause you to feel even sadder and more anxious, even spilling over into the next day as well. Instead, limit alcohol consumption and instead stick to non-alcoholic beverages to keep your mood more consistent.

Start a New Tradition

The holidays often revolve around traditions with friends and family. In addition to completing those traditions this year, why not also start a new tradition? Grab a friend or a family member and cook a new recipe, go to a new restaurant, or view the holiday lights in your neighborhood.

We encourage you to seek family or adolescent therapy in Minnesota so you can make 2020 your happiest and healthiest year yet!


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