Mental health issues often develop in adolescence, leaving some families in need of early intervention and therapy. In severe cases, admittance into a twenty-four hour a day facility is needed, but for the most part, day programs are the preferred course of treatment for many mental health challenges facing teenagers today. A well-developed and well-executed day program can give your child the help he or she needs, as well as giving them tools to help deal with mental health issues in the future. Here are a few tips on how to find adolescent day treatments in St. Paul, to help make your search easier.

Ask Your Family Doctor

While the use of medications is often discouraged by family physicians, therapeutic approaches are often highly recommended. The correct combination of therapy and the acquisition of life skills and coping mechanisms can all work together to help treat a number of mental health conditions. If your teenager is struggling, your family doctor is a great place to start in terms of finding a treatment facility.

Talk To A Mental Health Professional

If you or your child are currently seeing a mental health professional such as a counselor or a psychiatrist, this person can be a valuable source of information. Mental health professionals often have access to information not commonly known by the public, and may even be able to assist with the necessary referrals and paperwork. Even if you opt to go with a location suggested by your family doctor or located another way, you should still discuss the attendance of a day treatment program with your child’s mental health professional, to ensure that information can be freely shared between them.

Look Online

Another way to find a day program suitable for your adolescent is to take your search online. Carefully read and review the content posted on each website that you come across as you research the topic. This will help you find a treatment program that shares your philosophy and approach to mental health treatment.

Options Family offers Adolescent Day Treatment for adolescents struggling with mental health and substance abuse. For more information on finding adolescent day treatments in St. Paul for your teenager, contact Options Family & Behavior Services.



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