If your teen is in the grasp of a drug or alcohol addiction, it affects not only him or her, but the entire family. While your teen struggles to live a normal life and regain physical and mental health, you worry about how to connect with and help your child.

Options Family & Behavioral Services recognizes that an addiction touches many lives. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive program for addiction treatment. Minnesota teens and their parents all benefit from our addiction recovery program.

Why Choose Our Addiction Recovery Program?

Can’t your teen just overcome the addiction on their own, with the help of a counselor or doctor? Maybe, but not likely. Plus, this process puts a lot of strain on you, the parents, as you must live with your struggling teen every single day.

Turning to one resource is not enough. That’s why our program has all the resources your teen needs to overcome his or her addiction, all in one place. These include:

• Skilled therapists and substance abuse counselors

• Consulting psychiatrist

• A small support group

• Daily check-ins

• One-on-one sessions with a therapist, mental health practitioner, and chemical dependency counselor

• Special education teachers

• Crisis prevention planning

We also offer the resources you as a parent need to support your teen, including family therapy and a four-week parenting skills program.

Start Our Program

Start a new life for you and your teen today by calling (952) 564-3000. Or, if you have questions or comments about our Minnesota addiction treatment program, contact us with a message.

We look forward to helping your family regain health, peace, and stability.


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