Growing up is difficult, and as many who have surpassed this age know, the teenage years are a particularly vulnerable time in a person’s life. During the teen years there are many changes that are happening physically, socially, and mentally that can lead people to make harmful choices. There is also an enormous amount of pressure to conform or do what one’s peers are doing, which can also lead to harmful choices and behaviors. Some teens who struggle with this may benefit from substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis.

Substance abuse is real and present threat for many teens’ health and wellness. Watching someone you love struggle with substance abuse is heartbreaking and frustrating because all you want to do is help. At Options Family & Behavior Services we are dedicated to helping teenagers break free from these dangerous behaviors by providing comprehensive substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. Your loved one doesn’t have to suffer any longer.

Treatment Approach

At Options Family & Behavior Services we take an individualized and comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. Our structured recovery approach considers an individual’s mental health as intimately tied to any substance abuse issues they struggle with. We try to understand the source of the issue and why they are occurring. Our skilled and highly trained therapists and counselors take a comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. We encourage our patients to seek out healthy social contacts, abstinence behaviors, and strengthening themselves mentally so they can achieve and remain in recovery.

Options Family Substance Abuse Treatment in Minneapolis

If your loved one is struggling with mental health, addiction, and/or substance abuse get them the help they need by contacting Options Family & Behavior Services. Our Dual Diagnosis approach means we really take an all-inclusive look at an individual’s behaviors and structure our treatment to fit their specific needs. Contact us today to get your treatment started!



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