It’s common for news channels and media outlets to relay stories of famous actors, athletes, singers and politicians checking themselves into a drug rehab clinic to receive treatment for an addiction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular person or a recognizable celebrity—the steps to addiction recovery are similar when someone enters a drug rehab clinic. Everyone must take the following steps while working to recover from an addiction.


It’s common for patients to struggle with withdrawal during this phase. Symptoms may include tremors, paranoia and depression.


There are many addicts that suffer from psychiatric problems, such as depression, sleep disorders, bipolar disorders and anxiety. Some addicts have faced traumatic life experiences that increase their susceptibility to addiction. Our job is to connect patients with psychiatrists and therapy groups to speed up the recovery process.

Cognitive therapy:

Cognitive therapy helps addicts realize life situations that are likely to trigger substance abuse. A good example would be if an addict has a fight with a spouse or family member and after the fight they end up drinking to dull the pain and memory. In this case our professional counselors would help the patient come up with an alternative to drinking after an altercation with a spouse. Possible solutions could include: attending an AA meeting taking or practicing deep breathing while counting to 10. Our therapists are highly trained to encourage healthy problem solving skills.

Family therapy:

Getting support from family members is key in helping addicts stay clean. Many addicts have damaged relationships with family members. We bring family members together to heal that damaged relationship. This is a crucial step in the recovery process.

These are a few of the experiences that occur in a drug rehab program. In our Burnsville and Roseville, Minnesota clinics we help patients treat both substance abuse and mental health issues, which is common among addicts.

If you have any questions regarding treatment, please contact us. We are the premier drug rehab center in Minnesota.


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