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The Importance of Family Therapy

Published on August 11th, 2016

Adolescence is an extremely difficult time to go through, especially if one is dealing with mental health problems, sobriety issues, or familial fights. Oftentimes, even if an adolescent is in individual therapy, family therapy can help even more. If the entire family unit is having problems, even if the adolescent is getting the help they need, they are still returning home to a family that is having issues. While families fight, and this is completely normal, going to family therapy is also completely normal and ought to be encouraged when necessary.

What is Family Therapy?

While the word “therapy” still has an unfair stigma attached to it, therapy is extremely beneficial for those that attend. Family therapy focuses more on the whole unit, along with the individual. What has caused the adolescent to develop problems? Are there greater issues within the family that need to be sorted out in order for the adolescent to succeed? Many factors go into family therapy, and seeing a therapist as a cohesive unit is a great way to take a step towards recovery.

Factors that Affect a Family

There is a huge range of factors that can lead to problems within a family. Nothing is too small, or too big, to talk about in family therapy. When families go through a particularly difficult time, it is important to be proactive in order to keep the family together. Factors such as a change in economic status, a big move, a death in the family, and more all contribute to changes in the family dynamic and the individual’s reaction to this change.

Many who go through family therapy find that it truly was the best thing for the entire group. Sometimes, it is beneficial for individual members of the family to also go to one-on-one therapy to help them through additional problems. Here at Options Family and Behavior Services, we strive to make sure that adolescents and families can work through their problems and come out better than they were before. Contact us today if your family is in need of therapy.

Courtesy of: Good Therapy

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