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The Many Faces Of Substance Abuse

Published on June 26th, 2015

What is substance abuse? So many people ask that question, and so few can truly answer it completely. To boil it down to its roots, you need to consider that not all abuses are the same: some of them are worse than others. Substance abuse can be a highly complex problem that is hard to understand. Sometimes it’s a result of emotional or mental problems, and sometimes it’s a symptom of a much larger disease. Whatever the root of the abuse is, it is costly to the person who is living with it, and often times affects the family and friends of the abuser. There are three primary categories of substance abuse.

The Three Most Common Faces

  1. Drugs

    Narcotics are a widespread problem in several areas of the world, and they can weed their way into people’s lives quietly and sometimes without as much as a whisper. The results of this kind of addiction can be devastating to a person and his or her loved ones. Trying to find the roots of these problems can be extremely difficult, but with treatment and a solid support structure, many folks have broken their habits.

  2. Alcohol

    Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people. This particular problem can be very dangerous because it often takes place away from the public’s eye. Unlike many issues of this nature, most people who like to use alcohol as an escape do so by themselves. However, just because they drink their cares away in private doesn’t mean it won’t affect their everyday lives. Drinking too much is toxic, and in severe cases, fatal.

  3. Tobacco

    Smoking cigarettes is very common, and it can be seen almost everywhere. Smokers are seen standing on street corners, in bars, in restaurants and a variety of other places. Nicotine is addictive and just like a lot of things, if you use too much of it, it will produce negative effects. Unfortunately, kids are starting to smoke much younger now. This can lead into problems with teenagers and their parents who don’t approve. This can cause conflicts that are difficult to confront and handle, and sometimes trying to stop the bad behavior only provokes it.

Many individuals don’t know how to effectively confront those with substance abuse issues. Seeking the advice of professionals can yield good suggestions about how to tackle these kinds of issues more efficiently. There are specific strategies and tactics of how to approach substance abusers in a way that will not provoke or anger them. Don’t start a conversation you aren’t prepared to handle, because you may end up pushing the abuser away. If you have a loved one you are worried about, and have questions related to substance abuse or would like to talk to a professional, feel free to contact us at 952-564-3000.

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