Ten, even 5 years ago, mental health wasn’t talked about like it is now. The importance of mental health treatment in Minnesota extends into every facet of our lives, from getting out of bed in the morning to our work performance. Business owners, managers and other higher-ups at companies have no choice but to factor in mental health into the equation of their employees. According to a study completed by consulting firm Willis Towers Watson, only one-quarter of mid-sized and large employers train their managers to look for mental health issues in employees.

Learn to Identify Warning Signs

If you notice that someone on your team is consistently feeling off, don’t assume that they will come to you with the problem. The American Psychiatric Association notes that only 20 percent of employees feel comfortable bringing up their mental health in the workplace. Depression and anxiety can impact performance for the worst. Other signs of an employee struggling with mental health include an increase in sarcasm and frustration in addition to a disheveled appearance.

Make a Connection

You don’t have to approach employees as if you have all of the answers, but simply knowing that you are there for them as a resource is a good starting point. Open the door to the conversation and let them know that you are there for them if needed, pointing them in the direction of available resources that the company offers. You can also make them feel more comfortable by opening up about experiences that you’ve had with your mental health.

Know When to Draw the Line

If an employee communicates that they aren’t interested in discussing their mental health with you, know that you tried and you should step away from the situation. You don’t want to overstep your territory if the individual is not interested in your help at this time. If the situation seems right, you can periodically check in with them.

Mental health treatment in Minnesota is a phone call away thanks to our team at Options Family & Behavior Services. If you need help navigating your mental health, please take advantage of our services.


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