Family therapy in Minneapolis often gets the reputation of being only for dysfunctional families that have huge problems to work through. In reality, family therapy offers a ton of incredible benefits to a variety of family units to help improve the way in which they communicate.

Throughout our experience, we have come to learn many misconceptions surrounding family therapy. Here’s the reality that we want you to understand.

It Takes Too Much Time

Family therapy is often associated with endless amounts of sessions with little-to-no improvement in related issues. Master family therapist Jaw Haley notes that the average number of sessions to solve a child’s problem is seven. While this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, it points to the reality that many families can learn the skills they need in fewer sessions than they think.

Therapists Blame the Parents

Again, this misconception is not true. If a parent thinks they will be blamed for his or her child’s struggles, they likely don’t see the point in family therapy. In reality, family therapy Minneapolis is designed to help parents and children communicate in an effective, honest way to help solve problems together.

All Family Members Need to be at Every Session

Trying to find time for everyone in your family to be at therapy together is often difficult. Therapists strive to build relationships with both parents and children to help come to a mutual understanding and path forward. Having sessions with a variety of combinations of people can help families and therapists problem solve together.

Family therapy is a great tool to add to your routine to curate a positive relationship between family members. Call our team today to learn more.


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