What a year! After many ups and downs throughout 2020, 2021 is quickly approaching. Approximately 40 percent of Americans set New Year’s resolutions at the start of each year. Unfortunately, less than half of these people are successful after just 6 months.

The key to successful New Year’s resolutions is keeping them as realistic and attainable as possible. While you always want to push yourself to be your best, setting lofty, unattainable goals will only cause more stress in the long-run.

As always, we encourage you to seek adult mental health services near St. Paul as needed, and you can also consider setting some of the following goals as a new year approaches.

Self-Care Comes First

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily routine, but don’t forget to carve out time for self-care, too. Self-care comes in many forms, such as setting boundaries with mentally draining people in your life, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise, or journaling three times per week.

Self-care looks different for everyone, so consider what makes you feel your best and set goals accordingly.


Cell phones, laptops and other modern technology offer a variety of benefits, but they are also notorious for their damaging mental health effects. Aim to find a balance between staying connected and putting your phone down.

For example, you can set a New Year’s resolution of starting each day with 5 minutes of meditation versus starting each day by scrolling through your phone. This simple swap can make a world of difference in your daily mood.

Track Your Progress

Regardless of the resolutions you set for 2021, tracking any and all progress is crucial to following through with your goals. Even the smallest positive strides can help build momentum and result in larger changes that follow.

Always remember to be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best that you can! If you’re interested in adding additional tools to your mental health arsenal, our team at Options Family & Behavior Services is happy to assist! Please reach out to us to see how we can help today.


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