October 11th is the official National Depression Screening Day, but there’s no such thing as a bad day to get screened for depression. As providers of mental health treatment in Minneapolis, taking the step to get screened for depression is a big one, as you are addressing your feelings of sadness head-on. Here are some symptoms that you may be depressed, and you could benefit from a professional depression screening.

You Feel Hopeless

Have you felt generally pessimistic about life lately, even feeling hopeless that your situation will get better? You could experience thoughts such as “what’s the point” or even try to take the blame of feeling this way, thinking things like “it’s all my fault.”

Losing Interest

When you are depressed, you may gradually begin to lose interest in things that you used to love. Even going to work can seem like a struggle. Or maybe you are less interested in going out with your friends. This is a sign you should seek mental health treatment in Minneapolis.


Anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand. You may feel like you are nervous or tense, even having a rapid heart rate or experiencing rapid breathing. Focusing on anything other than what you are worried about is another tell-tale sign of anxiety. Anxiety and depression can often occur simultaneously.

A Change in Appetite

Everyone reacts differently to feeling depressed, including either eating more and gaining weight or eating less and losing weight. These changes are not intentional and can happen without your realizing it.

Whether you get screened for depression on your own time or you do it on October 11th, the most important thing is that you’re taking the step to get help!


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