The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol on Teens

As a parent, you only want the best for your children. You love them, you raise them, and try to give them the tools they need to make responsible, healthy decisions. But, you can’t control everything. If you are afraid that your teen has started drinking or fear that he or she has already developed […]

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Understanding Methamphetamine: Its Addictive Properties, Dangers, and Warning Signs

Are you worried that your loved one could be addicted to methamphetamine? Understanding methamphetamine, the signs of addiction, and the stages of use is the first step to determining what action you should take and figuring out how to help. What is Methamphetamine? Methamphetamine is best known by its shortened form: meth. Some slang terms […]

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Accepting Outside Help: You’re Not Giving Up

For what seems like years, you’ve been telling yourself, he’s just going through a phase, or she’s only being a teenager. But at some point you’ve realized other teenagers don’t engage in the same level of destructive behavior as your child. So where do you go from here? The good news is you and your […]

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4 Tips for Parenting Troubled Teens

Have you run out of ways to deal with your child’s behavioral problems? Is he or she becoming increasingly depressed, abusive or destructive? If you’ve run out of patience and know you need to address these issues and work with your teen, pay attention to the following four tips: 1. Make Time for Yourself Many […]

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How Drug Rehab Works

It’s common for news channels and media outlets to relay stories of famous actors, athletes, singers and politicians checking themselves into a drug rehab clinic to receive treatment for an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular person or a recognizable celebrity—the steps to addiction recovery are similar when someone enters a drug rehab […]

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Find Help and Healing with Addiction Treatment in Minnesota

If your teen is in the grasp of a drug or alcohol addiction, it affects not only him or her, but the entire family. While your teen struggles to live a normal life and regain physical and mental health, you worry about how to connect with and help your child. Options Family & Behavioral Services […]

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Feeling Lost? There is Help For You

As many as one in four Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness every year, and many more are treated for brain injuries and chemical dependency. You, or a family member suffering from one of these conditions, are not alone. And as unmanageable as these things may be, as overwhelming as they might seem, there […]

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