People of any age, gender and family situation can benefit from seeking regular therapy. If you are experiencing some of the following issues, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment.

Mental Illness/Addictions

If you or someone else in your household is struggling with mental health illness or addiction to drugs or alcohol, a therapist can help. It can be difficult to go through an addiction and understand what the other party is dealing with, which can make home life very difficult for children and others living in the environment.

The individual will meet with a therapist on his or her own, or the entire family can participate. It can help to explain to the individual how certain behaviors affect others in the family.


Fighting amongst family members can be a healthy way of letting off steam and getting through problems. However, not all families fight in a healthy or constructive way. They may need family therapy in St. Paul to understand what is wrong and learn more productive ways to solve problems without creating more tension. Yelling and screaming rarely help in modern and traditional households, so other methods may be necessary to learn and implement.


Distrust and guilt are also common in families. Young adults may decide to stay out late without calling, requiring the parent to distrust them in the future. Spouses may feel guilty for buying something without telling their partner or because of infidelity. Whatever the reason for feeling guilty or distrusting another member of the household, it is important to work through those feelings to keep things positive moving forward. A therapist can help moderate such conversations to come up with a valid solution.


Conflicts in the household can stem from a variety of causes. Kids grow up and want more freedom; parents feel they cannot keep their children under control; couples dispute over money troubles. Whatever the reason for your conflict, if you are unable to calmly discuss the issue with one another at home, therapy can create a safe environment for you to express your feelings.


Stress, frustrations, anger, sadness and other crises can all require outside help. This doesn’t mean that your household has done anything wrong or should feel ashamed; accept that there is a problem and seek help in order to work it out and make your household a comfortable environment for everyone.


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