For anyone who is a recovering addict, relapse is always going to be a concern. Understanding the triggers of relapse, as well as continuing with therapy as deemed fit, can help you or a loved one avoid the pitfalls of relapsing. Here at Options Family and Behavior Services, we have different forms of therapy that you can attend after rehabilitation at our facility, from in-patient or at-home therapy. Many times, relapses can be prevented through being proactive in your treatment.

Negative Emotions

Over thirty percent of relapses are traced back to negative feelings. Whether something was triggered due to family issues, a bad relationship, etc., feeling negative about yourself, angry, or sad, can all lead to relapsing. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to turn to drugs or alcohol, contact your therapist.


Having a strong support system is the one of the most important parts of recovery. When you are an addict, many of the people around you are as well, or at least enable your behavior. This is especially true for adolescents, where peer pressure is often stronger. In addition, this pressure creates cravings for many because they are around the physical drugs and alcohol, or at least are around people who can get it for them.

Relapsing is something that every recovering addict worries about. Rehabilitation at Options focuses on not only helping you recover, but also helping you understand your triggers and how to transition back to the real world. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, or are having difficulty with recovery, find the help you need at Options Family and Behavior Services.


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