The Substance Abuse and mental health treatment Administration (SAMHSA) acknowledges September as National Recovery Month. The 2018 theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose and Community. This is where Options Family comes into play, as we provide substance abuse treatment in Burnsville and Roseville for those who are suffering. Through an integrated community and dedicated staff, we are hopeful that individuals will receive the care that they deserve. Here are some of the services we offer.

Adolescent Services

Adolescents who are struggling with chemical dependency can rely on our services to help get them through this tough time. We offer an adolescent evening outpatient program that is geared toward persistent substance use, high-risk impulsive behaviors, poor problem-solving skills and more! We also offer an Adolescent Day Treatment and a CHANGE program.

Adult Services

Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate in terms of age. In-home therapy and in-clinic therapy are beneficial to individuals, couples and families. If you are a parent and you need help developing the skills necessary to support a child who struggles with addiction or other challenging behaviors, we have services that are tailored to you as well.

Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in Burnsville and Roseville

September is a time to seek the help you need as well as spread awareness about the importance of recovery. We approach all of our patients with a person-centric approach and we always believe that change is possible. Contact us today if you have a specific question or if you want to learn more!


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