Our substance abuse treatment center in Minnesota knows that being addicted to drugs is an extremely serious situation. While the exact signs and symptoms differ between individuals, there are certain overarching behaviors that are common signs that there’s a deeper-rooted issue. If you’ve noticed any or all of these symptoms in a loved one, there’s a sign they could have a physical and psychological need to continue using them.

Intense Cravings

The craving could come out of nowhere, and you may notice that the individual goes to great lengths to get their hands on their drug of choice, including deep financial trouble if the problem is taken far enough.

A Physical Dependence

When you’re addicted to drugs, your physiological body develops an addiction to the influence of the substance. If the substance isn’t in their body, they sufferer will likely function sub-optimally.

Increased Tolerance

With time, more and more of the drug will be needed to achieve the same effects on their body. Depending on the drug, this could have fatal effects.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Stopping drug use either abruptly or weaning off over a period of time will likely cause some withdrawal symptoms. If this is the case, it’s a sign that their body is physiologically dependent on taking the drug.

Neglected Responsibilities

Choosing to use or get drugs instead of fulfilling work or personal obligations is a classic sign of substance abuse.

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