Substance abuse is a dangerous pattern of behavior wherein an individual abuses drugs and/or alcohol and is or may become physically and psychologically dependent on those substances. Substance abuse and addiction continue to be a leading cause of death of young adults ages 15-24, and threatens the health and function of millions of people nationwide. Recognizing these signs and getting your loved one in substance abuse treatment Minnesota is essential to their health and happiness. No one wants to think about their loved one struggling with substance abuse or addiction, but being able to recognize the signs and get them the help they need could save their life. Here are the signs to look out for.


A significant change in mood/behavior, particularly toward an aggressive or irritable disposition could be a clear indication that someone has substance abuse issues. When people are struggling with substance abuse they often have one thing on their mind: finding their next fix. This emotional dependence on a scarce substance causes them to be irritable and aggressive to the point where their behavior is almost unrecognizable.


Isolation and a tendency to be by oneself is also a sign of substance dependence. Emotional and physical withdrawal from family, friends, school, and previously enjoyed activities might be the result of a dependency issue. Most drug abusers understand the severity of their habits, which is why they try to hide it from family and friends. If you notice your loved one has withdrawn significantly, both physically and emotionally, you may want to have a conversation with them about their health and habits.

Financial Trouble

Financial trouble can mean a lot of things, not necessarily that someone is abusing drugs or alcohol. However, coupled with some of the more significant signs of abuse, financial trouble can be a clear indication that someone has substance abuse issues. People who abuse drugs and alcohol tend to put financial priority on obtaining those substances, rather than taking care of bills.

Poor Judgement

When people abuse or are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol they are more prone to engage in illicit activities. Stealing, lying, selling drugs, and committing crimes can all be symptomatic of an addiction.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment Minnesota at Options Family & Behavior Services

If you notice that your loved one exhibits any of these signs of substance abuse it’s time to have a frank conversation with them about their health and behavior. These conversations are not easy to have, but they can save someone’s life. Options Family offers substance abuse treatment Minnesota, so your loved one can get the help they need. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs.


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