It is something that affects our society and those around the world. It is destructive to parents, adolescents, children, spouses, co-workers, and others. It comes in many forms, and causes catastrophic effects both internally and externally. It can go mistreated or be ignored, but it demands action and support. Substance abuse affects so many people, yet there are answers and treatments available. With professionals and expert care and programs, this debilitating pattern of risky behaviors can be squashed, and recovery can begin.

What Is Substance Abuse?

This vicious cycle happens when an individual uses drugs, alcohol, or medications in a way that is harmful to themselves and possibly even those around them. Taking copious amounts of narcotics or stimulant and depressant drugs, or drinking large doses of alcohol on a regular basis are examples of such behavior. Moreover, people may take pharmaceuticals, such as cough syrup and painkillers, in a way not prescribed by doctors. The effects of such risky habits can be fatal, and in many cases this behavior stems from internal suffering.

Who Does It Affect?

Not only does this behavior affect the user, this type of habit harms those around the person with the substance addiction. This includes family members, friends and co-workers. Teenagers can become engaged in abusing pills, narcotics, or alcoholic drinks from an early age, and give in to the pressure from their peers. Children can bear the brunt of the anger, frustration, and hurt from an abusing parent. Friends watch users destroy their life and relationships through physical, emotional, and mental pain.

What Can You Do About It?

While this issue is extremely serious, there is ample help available. Through counseling, therapy, support groups, and treatment programs, abusers and their family and friends can get the help they need. Choosing to get better opens the door for treatment, recovery, and a fulfilling life free from the negative influences of drugs and alcohol. There are online resources, professional therapists, and treatment centers that cater specifically to those struggling with this kind of abuse. Moreover, experts can work with individuals to develop a plan for treating the issue and working towards recovery, while including friends and family members.

Substance misuse cannot be ignored. It is a behavior that kills and harms countless people every day. It deteriorates the body and mind, and it breaks connections between people. By seeking the right help, users and those supporting them can move forward.


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