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What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Published on July 19th, 2016

Many people have little or no understanding of why or even how other people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Often people assume that the problem stems from a lack of moral principles or the lack willpower that it takes to walk away from the addictive substance. The truth is very different; addiction is a very complicated disease, which, in order to recover, takes a great deal more than just good intentions.

Substance abuse treatment can take place in a number of different settings and be in different forms. Some treatment is given in inpatient faculties while other patients opt for day treatment. The treatment can be one-on-one or group and, depending on the needs of the individual, treatment may take a considerable amount of time and there is always the possibility of relapse.

Individual and Group Substance Treatment

Treatment for substance abuse can take place in a group environment or individually. Individual counseling focuses on ending substance use, developing and building life skills, developing and adhering to a recovery plan, as well as family and social relationships. Group counseling is normally used in conjunction with individual treatment, as it is very helpful as a form of social reinforcement, which is important during recovery.

Substance abuse treatment programs include individual assessment, treatment planning and counseling. During counseling sessions, the individual is subjected to numerous approaches, which include:

  • Recognizing and stopping negative thinking and negative behavior. In cognitive behavioral therapy, the individual is shown ways to become aware of situations that lead to substance use so that they can be proactive in the situation.
  • Reinforcing the individual’s positive behavioral patterns such as abstaining from addictive substances
  • Motivating the individual to commit to engaging in treatment and to seek recovery

There are some types of counseling and treatments that are tailored to certain sectors of society. Young people for example need to take a different approach than adults. Treating an adolescent usually involves a family component. The best substance abuse treatments are those that use a combination of therapies, which meet the unique needs of the individual. Contact Options Family and Behavior Services to seek substance abuse treatment at one of our two locations.

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