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Successful Substance Abuse Treatment

Published on July 10th, 2015

Substance abuse is a huge problem among people of varying ages, genders, and backgrounds. There are several reasons why people turn to alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with life, and regardless of the reason there is adequate treatment available. It is important to remember that not all treatments are equal, so let’s take a look at what goes into successful and fulfilling services.

Understanding What Abuse and Addiction Is

First of all, it is crucial that clients comprehend just what abuse and addiction mean. Without that foundation of knowledge, there will be holes in their recovery and a greater chance of relapse. A trained and knowledgeable therapist can help you determine what substance abuse means and find the underlying causes for your pattern of behavior. When you have that understanding, you stand a greater chance against triggers and risky situations. This also makes it easier to embrace abstinence and determine why you want to recover.

Know Your Triggers

Another thing to remember is that people do not choose to become abusers; it is something that evolves from outside factors. Alcohol and drugs are inherently addicting and every individual has their own specific reasons for turning to them. Once you clarify the underlying reasons for your actions, you can see more clearly into what sets off these behaviors and patterns. Knowing how to spot your triggers is perhaps the strongest tool you can have. It allows you to avoid a harmful or risky situation before it becomes a full-fledged relapse. Moreover, a counselor can work with you to develop coping skills and alternatives when these triggers pop up.

Set Up a Solid Support System

Finally, you can never underestimate the importance of a solid support system. It is powerful to collaborate with others who have gone through a problem similar to yours and will be by your side. It also makes the struggles and the successes matter. Every client needs a committed group of individuals who want to see them recover, and will push them and hold them accountable. Group therapy is a great place to share coping skills and strategies, support each other through successes and setbacks, and encourage and learn from each other. Even family and friends who can’t relate to your issues are supportive supplements to your treatment.

Getting help for an abuse problem is possible, realistic, and readily available, so get started today!

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