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The Connection Between Social Media and Mental Health

Published on August 15th, 2019

We all knew that there is a strong connection between social media and mental health, but there is now data to prove it. The study also points to the fact that girls are more likely to be impacted by social media than boys are. As providers of mental health treatment in Minnesota, here are some tips to help channel your child’s energy into something more beneficial.

Use Social Media in Moderation

It’s impossible to expect teens to stay off social media altogether,  but if they keep usage to a reasonable amount, this can help with their self-esteem. While there aren’t exact numbers that point to how much time on social media profiles is too much, encourage your child to spend time with those around them rather than on their phones. 

Reinforce Positive Habits

If you tell your child that you want them to spend less time on social media, their first instinct is to want to spend even MORE time on social profiles. Rather than taking it away completely, encourage them when they are taking the time to complete other, healthier activities like spending time with friends or family or helping you in the kitchen. 

Encourage Them to Track their Time on Social Profiles

Many teens may be surprised by how much time they spend on social media profiles. If they have a number behind it, it could startle them into changing their ways. 

Social media isn’t going away any time soon, so rather than forcing your child to stay away, encourage them to spend their time in a more constructive way, only spending time on their phones in moderation. 

For more tips on how to improve your child’s mindset, take advantage of our mental health treatment in Minnesota. Contact us at Options Family & Behavior Services today!

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