When it comes to building a new life in addiction recovery from drugs or alcohol, the power of positivity is often underestimated. Focusing on long-term happiness can help each person live life to the fullest, in recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Some people believe that if you look good, you feel good. Other people think that when you feel good, you look good – but maybe it works both ways. Because our thoughts govern both our actions and our feelings, either example is created by positive thoughts. Additionally, it seems that when one thing is going right in your life, other things tend to follow. Positivity results in a domino effect, and that is why it is one of the most powerful tools in addiction recovery.

The Power of Positivity

Of course, positive thinking will not cure every one of life’s problems, but it certainly offers a path to facing them head on.

The Benefits of Approaching Life with Positivity

While feelings of sorrow and anger are a part of life – they don’t need to take over your life. Here are just a few benefits of positive thinking:

  • Positivity boosts the immune system, helping the body fight off infection more easily and helping to improve overall health
  • Positivity reduces stress levels and inflammation throughout the body
  • People who remain positive usually have increased energy levels
  • Positive people are able to handle stress more effectively
  • Positive thinking helps people achieve their goals
  • Positivity can help you live longer
  • People who focus on being positive, tend to attract positive people and healthy relationships

There are some benefits specific to recovery addiction:

  • Positivity reduces the risk of relapse
  • Positivity helps those in recovery find joy in sobriety
  • Positive people attract other positive people – helping to build a strong support network
  • Positive thoughts help alleviate the pain and stress of the inevitable bumps along the road to recovery
  • Positive thinking helps those who have suffered from addiction see the root cause of their pain

It takes a conscious effort to live a happy and positive life. Below are some tips that might help:

Cultivate Positive Relationships

Studies indicate that individuals who view themselves as “very happy” tend to have close relationships with others. It doesn’t matter the number of friends you have, quality relationships are much more important than having a lot of “friends.” Prioritize connecting with those you care about and those you know care about you. As you invest in those relationships, they will grow in commitment and intimacy. This, in turn, will lead to a happier, more fulfilling and more positive life.

Discover the Positive Aspects of Negative Situations

When things go wrong, you may need to give yourself a few moments to process your feelings and thoughts. Nevertheless, once you’ve gathered yourself, try to look for the good in the bad situation. Ask yourself if there is an opportunity in this situation, or if there is anything positive about it. Instead of expecting everything to get worse, while you spiral into emotional turmoil, ask yourself how things might get better. Doing this will allow you to grow and expand your ability to manifest positivity.

Slow Down

Remember, there are no paparazzi waiting at the finish line on the road to addiction recovery – no medals or balloons for “finishing.” As with relationships, it’s all about quality over quantity – you can’t rush success – it takes time.

This lesson also applies to everything else in life. Most people try to rush things when they are stressed or unhappy, running around forgetting things while running errands or doing tasks at work. Conversations are shorter, relationships suffer, and stress increases – all because you are pushing forward to get things done.

Slow down – slow it all down. Walking, talking, driving, eating, showering, and even recovering – take a breath, and take things one step at a time.

Be Yourself

If you are freeing yourself from addiction, now matter what your drug of choice, you are actually shedding a mask. Many people wear masks even without alcohol and drugs because they are afraid of being judged. By accepting yourself for who you are and dropping your mask, you will automatically increase your positivity and happiness. If you have been hiding behind your addiction for a long time, you may not even know who you truly are. Take time to find out and then allow yourself to love that person.

Give Back

Often, the best way to add positivity and value to your own life comes from adding these things to another person’s life. It may not work every single time on everyone, but sending out positive energy to others really matters. The way we treat others is what we tend to receive. Whether you work within your recovery community, support groups, or some other way, making service and volunteering a priority will do more to grow your happiness, health, and recovery than almost anything else.

Adult Mental Health Services Near Minneapolis

Remember, the way that you think and approach any situation will impact the way you experience the world – and if you are in a substance use treatment program, it will also impact your path to success.

Conversely, we know that having a positive attitude when your world seems to be crumbling around you is next to impossible. That is where our dedicated staff at our treatment facility comes in.

Whether you are dealing with substance abuse or are struggling to stay on the path to recovery, Options Family offers substance abuse treatment options as well as adult mental health services close to Minneapolis. When you need a helping hand, reach out to our dedicated and compassionate team at Options Family Services – we are here for you.


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