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What is ARMHS?

Published on May 19th, 2016

ARMHS stands for Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services. This program is different from some of our other programs, as it focuses on adults that are affected by mental illness. It helps adults in areas such as community involvement, living on their own, and working on their own personal goals. Whether someone was born with this mental illness or they incurred some sort of brain injury later in life, the professionals at Options Family and Behavioral Services are here to help.

The Beginnings of ARMHS

The state of Minnesota is able to provide essential assistance to those that are more vulnerable residents – such as people with psychiatric issues, seniors, children, and persons with physical disabilities. Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services is a part of their overall program that aims to meet basic needs and give those that need help the chance to attain their full potential in today’s society.

Adult Mental Health Services

Rehabilitation is the thought behind ARMHS as it is applied to those of 18 years of age and above. Through intensive therapy using IMR (Illness Management and Recovery) techniques, ARMHS helps people whose lives have become disrupted through a prior psychological condition. Although their prior psychiatric treatment may have been successful on one level, they may still face stability problems integrating back into society. This additional therapy is designed to assist them in returning and interacting with the community, both on a family group level and society at large. In addition, if circumstances dictate, they may need help in developing independent living skills. The program aims to fulfill these requirements without requiring further restricted treatment.

Practitioners will also assist in areas such as budgeting, nutrition, education, household management, transportation, employment, symptom management, and medication monitoring, as well as concentrating on the basic living and social skills required for a return to a meaningful life in the community.

Contact Options Family and Behavior Services

Whenever a loved one is suffering from a mental illness, he or she will likely need a boost with therapy. If something more traumatic happened, or the mental illness becomes more severe, Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services may be the right program to consider. Call us today at 952-564-3000 to learn more.

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