No parent wants to see their child self-destruct with unhealthy habits. Drug abuse is one of the worst problems affecting teenagers across the country. Today, parents with children abusing illegal or prescription drugs often struggle with finding help to stop the addiction. Here are some reasons why your child may be using drugs to better understand how to help them.

Reasons Why Teens Use Drugs

The most common reasons why teenagers use drugs are

  • Peer Pressure: Many people in their teenage years use drugs or alcohol to fit into their social group. They see their high school friends engage in the same behavior so they may feel pressure to join them.
  • Experimentation: Teens sometimes experiment with drugs based on the image TV, movies, or music projects it to be.
  • Self-Medication/Escape: Some teens turn to drugs in order to “numb out” or “feel good” to cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. This commonly results from undiagnosed mental health issues or personal trauma they’re going through.
  • To Feel Grown Up: Teenagers may want to feel more mature and replicate behaviors they see from parents, celebrities, or other adults.

Every teenager is different and uses drugs for their own personal reasons. Therefore, there is no specific reason why teenagers start drug addictions. For some, it stems from mental health disorders. Others may use it as a means to social connection or from influences in media.

Ultimately, understanding the reasons behind substance use disorders is the first step for parents to help their child get clean.

Teen girl accepting marijuana joint from a peer.

How You Can Help

If you suspect your child is involved with drugs, intervene as soon as possible. Discuss with your child their conduct and any behavior or patterns that have changed, such as poor academic performance, temperament shifts, or disinterest in former activities. If they react defensively or aggressively, you may want to consider further treatment plans, like therapy or rehab.

Since teenagers have different reasons to use drugs, looking for a specific treatment program might be challenging. Fortunately, Options Family provides customized substance abuse treatment to help anyone overcome their dependencies and addictions.


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