Drug Testing – Urine Analysis

In-Clinic UAs

Clients involved in in-clinic services (individual, family therapy, and adolescent substance abuse treatment) can have a UA done on site, which has a set price list (adolescent substance abuse treatment most insurance plans cover the cost). The sample can also be sent to a lab instead of being tested on site, or it can be sent for levels if positive on site. This can be done through Dominion Diagnostics, but we are unable to say how much insurance will cover for the test, and what, if any, the family is responsible for paying.


Urine Analysis Procedure Agreement

  • Drug tests provided by staff at Options Family & Behavior Services are supervised, unless otherwise decided by the person requesting a UA. This means that it will be performed by the same gender staff, who will be standing next to the person providing the sample. If it is not the same gender staff, he or she will stand in the entryway to the rest room.
  • Before providing the sample for the UA, the person may be subject to a search. He or she will also be asked to wash his or her hands before the test.
  • On site testing provides a positive or negative result. On site testing cannot confirm the result or determine specific causes of positive results for drug categories, such as amphetamines or benzodiazepines. The test strip will be photocopied and stored electronically for 2 months.
  • Urine samples will be tested for temperature and adulterants in addition to the drug tests requested. If the sample is the wrong temperature, too watered down, or tests positive for adulterants, it will be considered positive, although it may not be positive for specific chemicals.
  • Test results will be given to guardians. If the UA is being done for someone 16 or older, this person must sign a release of information for the person(s) requesting the test.