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Housing Stabilization Services

What is Housing Stabilization?

Housing Stabilization consist of three services: Housing Consultation, Housing Transition, and Housing Sustaining services.

Housing Consultation Services assist a person in developing a housing-focused, person-centered plan. This plan also assists the person to access needed state plan services that support housing stability and provides referrals regarding other needed services.

Housing Transition Services assist a person to plan for, find and move to a home in the community.

Housing Sustaining Services supports a person in maintaining their already-lived-in home in the community. The goal of these services is to support an individual’s transition to housing, increase long-term stability in housing, and avoid future periods of homelessness or institutionalization.

What Housing Stabilization ISN’T:

  • Housing Stabilization Services does NOT provide temporary apartments or Emergency Assistance
  • Housing Stabilization Services is NOT for persons seeking an immediate medical bed or immediate housing needs
  • Housing Stabilization Services is NOT crisis placement or for someone seeking rent money, damage deposit money or immediate food support

If you are seeking any of these services, please contact your county for Emergency Assistance.

Who can receive these services?

A candidate for Housing Stabilization must be 18 or older, be on medical assistance, have a disability (such as: developmental disability; learning disability, Mental Health diagnosis; physical illness, injury or incapacity; substance use disorder; or being 65 or older), be able to show housing instability, meet the MN definition for homelessness or be at risk of homelessness. The individual also needs to have an assessed need for services by requiring assistance due to their disability in one of the following: communication, mobility, decision-making, managing challenging behaviors. Additionally, recipients of Housing Stabilization must be on Medical Assistance or a like insurance plan. These services are provided in the five county metro areas: Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Scott County or Washington County.

What is the goal of Housing Stabilization Services?

The goal of Housing Stabilization Services is to support an individual’s transition to housing, increase long-term stability in housing, and to avoid future periods of homelessness or institutionalization.

What kind of person is not the right fit for our Housing Stabilization Program?

Someone who wouldn’t qualify for the Housing Stabilization Program is under 18, not on Medical Assistance, has no disability, has no housing needs or assessed need for service (they have been able to get housing on their own before and currently don’t need assistance in doing so).

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Client Testimonials

Options Family & Behavior Services backs their mission to improve lives in all that they do. It's comforting to sink into their atmosphere of positivity and helpfulness. Options practitioners are friendly, knowledgeable and motivate change.

- M.H. Minnesota

I wasn't sure about calling and I'm not so sure I was even serious about trying to get help. For the first time in my life I was pleasantly surprised! The staff at Options did not let me fail and I am SO thankful and SO happy they were committed to my success even though at first I wasn't!

- Josh H. Minnesota

Options makes me have motivation to stay sober I haven't smoked or drank in 20 days :D I'd recommend this to people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues.

- Caitlyn D. Minnesota
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