What is In-Home Therapy?

In-Home Therapy is a service delivered by a qualified therapist in any setting including the residence, a foster care setting, or another location in the community. This service is currently available via Telehealth.

Our in-home therapists use a person-centered approach to understanding each individual’s needs, strengths and goals to enable them to reach their full potential. Encouraging their strengths, assisting with their growth, and helping to propel them forward into a life of wellness, our therapists will be alongside them in this journey.

In-Home Therapy clients must be on Medical Assistance or a Prepaid Medical Assistance plan, and must live in a defined radius of the five county metro area.


  • Develop a consistent, strength based therapeutic relationship with the individual to help treat their mental health needs
  • Reduce or prevent the need for the individual’s admission to an inpatient hospital, residential treatment facility or other treatment setting
  • Stabilize mental health symptoms
  • Increase success in obtaining life goals

Why we offer In-Home Therapy:

In-Home Therapists recognize that it can be challenging to get to an office for a therapy appointment due to illness, disability, personal crisis, or for lack of finances, transportation, or childcare. In-Home Therapy can be a solution to these obstacles, in the same way that many rural doctors still make house calls.

In addition, when treatment is provided in the home, the relationship between therapist and client is likely to develop more rapidly, because clients are more relaxed at home than in an unfamiliar office setting. As a result, progress and healing can occur more readily.

What Can You Expect?

  • A person-centered treatment approach that utilizes the consumer’s interests to motivate positive change in order to assist them in reaching their vision of recovery
  • Our practitioners meet with consumers in the consumer’s residence, community based placement, or foster care setting
  • We use a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to reach your individual goals
  • Practitioners have open communication to consumer’s support team
  • One of our practitioners will come to your residence to complete a mental health diagnostic assessment
  • In-Home Therapy is available to individuals, couples and families


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