Community Based & In-Home Services

Adult Mental Health Services Minneapolis

ARMHS (Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services)

ARMHS services are available to people over the age of 18. These services are designed to help people develop skills who have been impaired by Mental Illness in areas of community involvement, independent living, and achieving personal goals. Once we have identified the needs we use Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) as the intensive therapeutic component of ARMHS to help develop the necessary supports for people to lead successful lives.

Mental Health Treatment Minnesota

Brain Injury/Behavior Support

Our behavior analysts and behavior professionals work together to provide a clear assessment of the person’s strengths, needs and potential areas of crisis. The behavior plan is developed to make a clear plan regarding how the individual and the person’s support system can enable and facilitate life changes.

ILS (Independent Living Skills)

This program is designed to help people with brain injuries or mobility impairments who struggle with daily living skills. We work on social skills as well as medical, financial, personal and emotional problems that negatively impact their level of functioning in their homes and community.

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Must have Medical Assistance or PMAP.