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Candace Parham, MA


Candace’s therapeutic approach is psycho-analytic to process and recognize events of the past, that effect the present, to create a positive prognosis for the future. She also uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to engage in disrupting negative thought processes and shatter negative core beliefs, conditioning to change daily behaviors. Also, Jungian perspectives to recognize all aspects of the three faces you hold for yourself, persona; shadow; and self and how to integrate all three to increase self-actualization and quality of life. She encourages everyone to know the importance of self-care and ways to identify what self-care means to them because the more you are able to identify your needs, the more you are able to get your needs met. Candace typically enjoys hanging out with her family going camping, swimming, ice skating, and finding ways to be outdoors. She tries to spend as much free time as possible with her family planning get-togethers, going to Pow Wow, and creating special surprises each month for her kids. I like to write short stories in her spare time, attempting to create art, and volunteering at community events.

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