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Megan Larson, MA

Megan Larson

Day Treatment Psychotherapist Team Lead
Megan is a Day Treatment Therapist in our Burnsville location. She attended Winona State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and Argosy University where she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She uses a solution-focused approach when she works with clients. She feels that it is essential to create a safe therapeutic environment for the clients so that they can feel comfortable sharing information. She also incorporates psycho-education in the sessions so that clients can gain a better understanding of their mental health and how it has impacted them. Megan uses humor in her sessions to help clients feel comfortable and relaxes. She enjoys working with the adolescent population and finds that they teach her as much as she teaches them! She was told throughout grad school that she wouldn’t find her dream job until later in her career, although she feels she has proved them all wrong.

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